New York journalist Rachel Gates is on assignment to an unknown world where she will discover the meaning of obsession.

A shark has killed a famous woman surfer off Northern California, and her grieving husband launches a hunt to kill the predator and avenge her death. Rachel decides to investigate the story, haunted by the parallels to the death of her beloved father in a diving accident.

What awaits her is a forbidding island of fog-shrouded cliffs and steel-cold waters. And patrolling the depths, a four-ton predator the size of a bus that has ruled the seas for over 200 million years – the great white shark. Lots of them.

On this desolate rock, Rachel finds two embattled scientists, Cal and Mike, who are fighting to protect great whites from the only enemy formidable enough to wipe them out: humans. The rugged pair live and survive by their own rules, conducting their unorthodox research far from the glare of the public eye. Until now.

Rachel convinces Cal that publicity could help their mission, but Mike suspects that Cal’s judgment is clouded by his growing attraction to Rachel. He fears her story will doom everything to which they’ve devoted their lives.

Then Rachael comes eye-to-eye with a great white shark and in a few intimate, violent moments, everything becomes personal…the soul behind the teeth of these magnificent predators, their vulnerability and the horror of their slaughter.

Now she must decide whether to give up everything and risk her career – or even her life – to help save a creature, reputed to be the perfect killing-machine, that has haunted her dreams since childhood.

“Keep swimming,” Rachel’s father always urged. But how far should Rachel go before passion becomes a fatal obsession?

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